A Little Handbook for Volunteers: Lessons I Learned from Sister Gwendolyn is based on the wisdom Dr. Freund has gained from more than 30 years working on volunteer boards.

Through a series of cases, she explains the ten most important lessons she has learned as a board member and from her beloved mentor, Sister Gwendolyn ― from the failure of a board to define its purpose to resolving conflicts among its members. The book was inspired by many frustrated volunteers who want to contribute their time and energy to a cause they believe in but find the politics and dysfunction of boards more than they can handle.

If you’ve ever asked, “What did I get myself into?” Or “Are we having fun yet?” then you need to read this Little Handbook for Volunteers. Dr. Freund includes many “how to” suggestions and problem-solving strategies for volunteer boards in dire need of hearing her important message: Run your volunteer boards the right way or risk losing the gifts they bring. Anyone considering volunteering for a board or currently serving on one will benefit from Dr. Freund’s experience, sense of humor, and advice.